The Dolphins

This is the beautiful artwork of another poet, Showers of Blessing, whose blog is worth a visit or many.


You mean the picture, you ask? Yes, and so is the artwork itself! She and a family member created this lovely figurine:

And here are some lines this sculpture inspired:

With kicking thrust from water’s sheen erupt
A pair of piscine travelers abrupt;
In glistening graceful arcs before our eye,
These fellow mammals calm transmogrify.

They chirp a complex greeting to our cheers
Before again the liquid air they sheer.
Now bubbles and a gentle rolling swell
Are all that’s left their giddy whirl to tell.


Author: Rhyme In Time

I write for a living. For no kind of living whatsoever, I also write poetry and study the Korean language. And I help raise a cat with my wife.

3 thoughts on “The Dolphins”

      1. I wanted the credit to go where the credit be. So post the verses and claim the credit to the author is the right thing to do. Your first post sounds like I wrote the verses inspired by the art. Well, credit is yours. I’ll go take a look. Thank you for writing the verses. I love it. 🙂


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