Wolves in Paris

Inspired by the headlines, “Wolves are living on the outskirts of Paris…”.

New creatures inhabit the City of Lights.
They travel in packs as they hunt through the night.
Who are these new claimants to le haute couture
Who look underfed although dressed in fine fur?

“You ask who are we? We’re Les Loups de Paris;
We come out to feed on you citizenry.
You’re welcome to take all the pictures you wish,
But get any closer, you’ll be our next dish!”

The creature, this winter’s exemplar of fashion,
Goes on as it masticates Parisian ration:
“Don’t regard us as last season’s too-skinny clones;
We’re hunting to put some more meat on our bones.”




Author: Rhyme In Time

I write for a living. For no kind of living whatsoever, I also write poetry and study the Korean language. And I help raise a cat with my wife.

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