Privileged Repose

Aside a dusty carriageway
She waits in soft ennui,
New kicks on casual display,
Her legs at languorous ease.

The sounds of father redirecting men
Upon their enterprise
Commingles with the hot industrious din;
The princess shuts her eyes.
Upon their back-bent labor workers creep,
Soon lulling her to sleep.


This is an entry in this week’s YeahWrite poety challenge:

The entry is for two of the prompts: the picture itself, and the emotion of schadenfreude.

Author: Rhyme In Time

I write for a living. For no kind of living whatsoever, I also write poetry and study the Korean language. And I help raise a cat with my wife.

6 thoughts on “Privileged Repose”

  1. I like how you expressed her schadenfreude here. It’s like she doesn’t care enough to even acknowledge the emotion she’s feeling. The iambic heptameter stumbles at “industrious din” but that’s probably on purpose.

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    1. Good point about the scansion. I didn’t notice the extra beat until you pointed it out, so it wasn’t calculated. I must have run it together in my mind as “industrous”, which would make that extra beat sort of a grace note I guess. Anyway, I felt it sounded good and I was glad to have another line down. 🙂


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