Now Cheaper: ‘Erecting a Limerick’

Slightly older and now cheaper (just like me…)

If you just can’t get enough of my shite, here’s a slightly older effort, now price-aligned to match market reality. (Yeah, dropped the price.)

This book breaks down the deceptively simple limerick meter, elucidating the often overlooked variations. To make it simple again, the variations are shown clearly in an easy-to-read table.

And of course, some of my own original smart-ass compositions are included. The only way to have more fun for 99 cents is a single brewskie or maybe a trial subscription to a porn site. But this will make you laugh, without the hangover or carpel-tunnel syndrome.

As always, leave a review on Amazon and I’ll mention you in the next work (if you wish).

-Dan (Rhyme In Time)


Now only 99 cents–such a bargain!

Call my work cheap, will ya? Too true. And now it’s even cheaper!

If you almost sorta maybe kinda almost wanted to throw a bit of charity this way (buy a book) but the price was too steep, now they’re cheap(er)! There are no barriers to entry left, loyal reader!

Each of these are great reads in the crapper–for example, while escaping a boring holiday party or the afternoon doldrums at work.

And they’re cheaper than a 7-eleven chili dog, just as full of cheese, and no unkinder to  your bowels. Pretty please?

Leave a review on Amazon of either and I’ll even mention you  in the next book (if you so wish). Could be fun!

My profuse and heartfelt thanks for your continued readership,
-Dan (Rhyme In Time)