Bar-Spangled Banter

I say, who’d believe you could fit dress so tight,
Mounds of bounteous rapture pressing at every seam?
How about you and I make more fireworks tonight?
Let’s burn out the night in our own living dream.
Bombed and bursting with flair,
Grabbing your derriere.
If you’ll check out my shorts,
The flagpole is still there.
Say, do you still have some virtue to save?
Or would you spend some time, with this star-spangled knave?

Entry to a poetry challenge: write a poem on the theme of fireworks, in only 7 minutes:

I finished exactly at the 7-minute mark! 🙂

Cur in Fur


“My darling, did it not occur
Why lights are dim? Now don’t demur.
It’s time to make that two-backed beast:
Let’s give these quiet sheets a stir.”


“Oh babe, I want to make you purr,
But I can’t see it to be sure.
Turn on the closet light at least
Or else you’ll force me to infer.”


It’s often said the market learns,
And then, once schooled, it teaches.
And sometimes Mr Market burns
You straight between the breaches.

A goring by a running bull
Can’t be retirement’s goal.
Some hibernate through winter lull,
I think I’ll tuck-n-roll.

WordPress daily writing prompt (linked above).



Overheard at the Meat Market

“It makes my chitlins stir, we’re such an eyeful,
Like pigs packed tight in methane-clouded sty full.”

“Don’t give me all that tripe; No need to wallow.
Our flesh will soon give pleasure with a swallow.”

WordPress daily writing prompt (highlighted above).


I Met Your Mother at the Zoo

I met your mother at the zoo,
And I must say, she sure was nice:

I gave to her bananas two,
And like a champ, she swallowed twice.

The only thing that puzzles me,
Which I just haven’t figured out–

Is how she’s able to be free:
Why do the zoo guards let her out?

WordPress daily writing prompt (highlighted above).

Genie Us

This messy kitchen’s looking awfully heinous.
It’s so depressing, it’s begun to drain us.
But washing dishes, that is sure to pain us.

Your papal “we” makes you sound like a weenie, Gus.
By use of magic bottle this demise we’ll suss.
A gentle rub and out comes jinn to genie us!

WordPress daily writing prompt (word highlighted above).