Decastich-ing This on my Blog

This is a response to a fun poetry challenge:

The challenge? Make a poem ten-by-ten:
Ten lines of ten beats each–on single theme.
Stitch all ten lines together, like a team
Of dromedaries crossing dessert’s rim
In plodding caravan equestrienne,
Emerging from a poet’s sunbaked dream.
To rhyme, you say is optional? But then
The musicality is lost passim.
A pity that I haven’t more to say
But it was fun to write this anyway.



텔레비전에 여자 (The Girl on TV)

여러분, 한국어를 공부하는 많이 재미있서 여기 한국어로 시가 있어요.
(Everyone, it is fun to study Korean, so here is a poem in Korean.)

텔레비전에 나오는 여자가 예쁘네요.
사랑할 때는 기쁘지만 혼자 있을 때는 슬퍼져요.
한 시간 동안 감정의 변화를 많이 겪어서 피곤해요.

The girl on TV is well-made and beautiful.
When in love, she is joyful. But when she is alone, she becomes sad.
Because of so many emotions in one hour, I am tired!

Coffee Colonic

When my bowels are crimped in confusion of colic
I clear out the pipes with a coffee colonic.

The doo that’s congealed in a thick pasty stew
Loosens free in a geyser of frothy black brew.

After a cup o’ the joe in the pooper,
I’m ready to start out the day like a trooper.

Coffee enemas?