From Dread to Bed by Merest Thread

King Minos, this whole banquet is a farce.
You’ve brought us here to take it up the arse.
The legend of your bull falls far amiss-
This nonsense runs straight over precipice.

Yet no such luck, young lad, there’ll be for you;
My Minotaur shall gore your flesh straight through.
As children go, he’s been an aberration,
Of Pasiphae and bull collaboration.
When Neptune’s beast such hospitality she gave
I knew of such must issue be depraved.

Ariadne (aside to Theseus):
They keep the creature trapped in walls that maze;
On youths like you in batches does he graze.
All final qualms do swallow now and dread
The creature’s wrath–or mine; here, take this thread,
And after you have gored the creature’s head,
Use this to find your way to me–and bed.

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Shear Pink

When I think
Upon the pink
It brings me nearly
To the brink.

Who knew that wink
In biped crink
Could spill such ink,
Whole day could kink?

While it drips into the sink
Perhaps I’ll have another drink
And do my best this wound to prink,
This papercut from which I shrink.

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Bee Careful

I swear it was just temporary,
The lid left off the apiary.

It’s not a reason to be bitter;
Sweet’s abundant from these critters.

The little part I’d left exposed
Feels better now with gauze enclosed.

The only source of worry left is you,
Whom nest of angry bees does now pursue.

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Half-glassed Views of Life

Half Empty

“Life is a turnstile.
You stand in a file,
And waiting, you wile
While watching the dial
To join the big pile.”

Half Full

“You live in denial
And lie with a smile.
Be bold; dare to rile,
Cross tile extra mile.
Now that’s a lifestyle.”

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Wedding Chicken Panic

The caterer’s not feeling well,
And wedding guests will soon taste hell.
He’s hurled into the wedding chicken,
Left it in the pan to thicken,
A faux pas guaranteed to sicken,
Leaving nuptial diners stricken.
Wedding partiers fresh frolicked
Are just about to become pan-icked.

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The Nun None the Wiser

“Pardon me, most reverend sir,
If this seems off the cuff;
I know your thoughts are loftier,
But I have had enough.

“How do you keep from boredom
In this little bishopric?
Please share some words of wisdom,
For with ennui I am thick.”

“Please don’t tell the abbot,
Since he’s quite a moralizer.
I get into a habit.”

“Not to worry; nun’s the wiser.”

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