Happy Anniversary

To my lovely wife on our 29th anniversary:

A score and nine short years ago
Upon a snowy winter night
We joined two flames in single light,
My lovely lady and her beau.

That flame still shines
And we’re still here.
I love you, dear!
I’m glad you’re mine.


Don’t Diss the Bliss

You say I’m wrong in chasing bliss?
All you can do is cut and diss.

Your heart is like a great abyss
That’s filled with vinegar and piss.

Your petty insults are amiss–
Now here is something you can kiss.

WordPress daily writing prompt (highlighted above).

I Met Your Mother at the Zoo

I met your mother at the zoo,
And I must say, she sure was nice:

I gave to her bananas two,
And like a champ, she swallowed twice.

The only thing that puzzles me,
Which I just haven’t figured out–

Is how she’s able to be free:
Why do the zoo guards let her out?

WordPress daily writing prompt (highlighted above).

Crutch and My Clutch, and Off to the Mall

I gobbled overmuch;
Now like a turkey I am stuffed.

Cram-fed with yams and such,
And pumpkin pie with cream home-fluffed,

To walk I need a crutch.
At least my healthy waistline’s buffed.

Well, it’s time to grab my clutch
Black Friday calls, and she is rough.

WordPress daily writing prompt (highlighted above).

Believe in the Cycle of Life

First you’re born in great de-queefing.
Doctor’s slap begins your breathing.
Then you learn to talk while teething.
Soon you date–and use some sheathings?
Celebrate with gifts and wreathings.
Suffer passings with bereaving.
Then when done, you’ll too be leaving.

WordPress daily writing prompt (believe).