100 Subscribers! Yay!


Our lives are short, and every minute counts;
The honor I feel therefore only mounts.

A hundred willing SPAM-ees for my dreck?
A hundred souls in need of Prilosec.

My fellow writers, thank you for subscribing.
With gratitude I thank you for imbibing.

Without your Likes and your encouragement,
This cyberspace again would be for rent,
And all my sing-song ramblings would be spent
On soulless air and die in firmament.

Thank you so much for taking interest in my quirky little rhyme space. If you can possibly stand it, I’ll keep ’em coming.

And especial thanks to Harry of Poet’s Corner, for helping me get this blog set up and for allowing me to post to his awesome site. And speaking of Poet’s Corner, I’m also posting this badge with pride, denoting a huge tally of Likes garnered there:


Blogging indeed can be both fun and fulfilling. 🙂