Trolls Talking Smack

Creeping trolls who love to mumble,
Talking smack in whispered jumble,
Maybe you should be more humble–
Bullies break from simple tumble.

Blaming others for your stumble?
It was you who made the fumble.
Don’t say I have caused your crumble;
I think you just like to grumble.

The Taunting Troll

A troll was listening at my window when I woke from slumber.
It taunted me by whispering, “We know your every number.”
As I arose it taunted more, “We’re always watching you.
We think that you’re an animal who’s destined for the zoo.”

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The Trolls

They hide out in the parking lot in plateless brand-new cars
And listen to my merest whispers–have you got full bars?
They follow me in traffic like some lovesick brontosaur
And whisper unsweet nothings–that you talking, commissar?

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