Ritual Sacrifice

Here’s a tanka (syllable count 5/7/5/7/7) for Colleen (The Faery Whisperer)’s Tanka Tuesday challenge:

Verdant creature cropped,
For sacred holiday chopped,
Corpse on my car flopped,
With drip-pan fragrant blood sopped,
With smiling angel I top.

(Disclaimer: Most years, the wife and I buy a fresh Christmas tree and enjoy the fragrance of its sap.)


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Vampires of Lugnano

First published on https://poetscornerblog.wordpress.com. By a weird quirk (not my intent) it somehow became sticky there, possibly to the annoyance of other posters,  and to unstick it, I had to unpost it (make it a draft). Normal options did not work. But it was Liked enough to keep it posted somewhere. 🙂

Deep in sleepy Umbria,
Entombed in gravel pit,
The corpses of a host of children
Rot amidst the grit.


A thousand years and more they’ve lain
Inside this soul-less grave,
Blameless victims of a plague
Whom physic could not save.

Bound inside their thready shrouds
From fear that they might stir,
Their curse-less mouths were stuffed with stones
From feeding to deter.

Undisturbed they might have lain
Until the world’s demise,
But now an archaeologist
Unearths them–now they all arise!

The dust-clad waifs shake limbs from shroud
And spit away the stones,
Awake with gnawing hunger
To re-flesh their fetid bones.

En masse they set out for the town
On human blood to binge.
Insult of a thousand years
These vampires shall avenge!

Inspired by these articles about stones placed in corpses’ mouths, ostensibly to prevent them from returning and feeding upon the blood of the living:


(image from: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/10/15/italy-child-vampire-burial-eerie-ritual-prevent-malaria/1645690002/)


음절 바다 (Syllable Sea)

선생님은 한국어가 매우 쉽대요!
학생들은 단어에 빠져 있어요.
음절 바다에서 익사할 지 몰라요.

Slightly loose translation, in order to rhyme:

Korean’s very easy, teacher said;
Submerged in words, the students water tread.
In vowels and consonants we might drown instead!

Note: This effort was corrected and verified by a native Korean speaker and instructor. If you also study Korean, you may have noticed that Google translate tends to give mixed results.


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화성에 파란 고양이 (Blue Cat on Mars)


여러분, 여기 다른 시를 시도했어요. 어때요?
메모를 남겨주세요. 감사합니다!

깜깜한 공간에서, 빨간 화성에서, 큰 파란 고양이가
모래 산을 위어서 빠르게 뛰어덤네!
개띠 년기 때문는지? 
아마 우주 쥐를 봤는데.

In black space, on red Mars, a big blue cat
Bounds leaping over a sandy mountain.
Because it’s the Year of the Dog? Maybe it saw a cosmic mouse!

생각은 이 그림에서 나왔어요: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/06/25/nasa-photo-blue-sand-dune-mars/729939002/