Now Cheaper: ‘Erecting a Limerick’

Slightly older and now cheaper (just like me…)

If you just can’t get enough of my shite, here’s a slightly older effort, now price-aligned to match market reality. (Yeah, dropped the price.)

This book breaks down the deceptively simple limerick meter, elucidating the often overlooked variations. To make it simple again, the variations are shown clearly in an easy-to-read table.

And of course, some of my own original smart-ass compositions are included. The only way to have more fun for 99 cents is a single brewskie or maybe a trial subscription to a porn site. But this will make you laugh, without the hangover or carpel-tunnel syndrome.

As always, leave a review on Amazon and I’ll mention you in the next work (if you wish).

-Dan (Rhyme In Time)


Now only 99 cents–such a bargain!

Call my work cheap, will ya? Too true. And now it’s even cheaper!

If you almost sorta maybe kinda almost wanted to throw a bit of charity this way (buy a book) but the price was too steep, now they’re cheap(er)! There are no barriers to entry left, loyal reader!

Each of these are great reads in the crapper–for example, while escaping a boring holiday party or the afternoon doldrums at work.

And they’re cheaper than a 7-eleven chili dog, just as full of cheese, and no unkinder to  your bowels. Pretty please?

Leave a review on Amazon of either and I’ll even mention you  in the next book (if you so wish). Could be fun!

My profuse and heartfelt thanks for your continued readership,
-Dan (Rhyme In Time)

화성에 파란 고양이 (Blue Cat on Mars)


여러분, 여기 다른 시를 시도했어요. 어때요?
메모를 남겨주세요. 감사합니다!

깜깜한 공간에서, 빨간 화성에서, 큰 파란 고양이가
모래 산을 위어서 빠르게 뛰어덤네!
개띠 년기 때문는지? 
아마 우주 쥐를 봤는데.

In black space, on red Mars, a big blue cat
Bounds leaping over a sandy mountain.
Because it’s the Year of the Dog? Maybe it saw a cosmic mouse!

생각은 이 그림에서 나왔어요:



Mysterious V

Celestial goddess swathed in woolen cloud,
Clasping so tight that you tremble in place,
Your beauty always hidden by a shroud–
Rob you the heavens of heavenly face?
Is Juno still incensed by Trojan gear?
Bivouac do you in pillows and lace
And lie in wait for thrust of Martian spear?
Shrouded in billowy CO2 sea
Perhaps you’ve made your presence more than clear,
Mocking us mortals with great velvet ‘V’.


Response to a poetry challenge:

Image from here:


Decastich-ing This on my Blog

This is a response to a fun poetry challenge:

The challenge? Make a poem ten-by-ten:
Ten lines of ten beats each–on single theme.
Stitch all ten lines together, like a team
Of dromedaries crossing dessert’s rim
In plodding caravan equestrienne,
Emerging from a poet’s sunbaked dream.
To rhyme, you say is optional? But then
The musicality is lost passim.
A pity that I haven’t more to say
But it was fun to write this anyway.



고양이가 부엌에 (Kitty in the Kitchen)

부엌에 고양이가 뛰어 들어왔군요!
음식을 먹으려고? 아니면 뭔가 마시려고?
아니! 작은 호랑이가 여기에서 놀려고!

Kitty’s run into the kitchen!
Did she come to eat? Did she come to drink?
No! The small tiger is going to play!

Note: Special thanks to my Korean instructor for marking my 한국어 errors in the 1st draft!  If you live in the SF Bay Area, San Jose Learning Center (SJLC) is a great place to study the language. My wife and I take evening classes there.