Passing Time

Old man breaking wind,
Speaking volumes from his end.
His trousers rend
As he vents forth his special blend,
The tables to upend.

A tanka challenge:


고양이가 부엌에 (Kitty in the Kitchen)

부엌에 고양이가 뛰어 들어왔군요!
음식을 먹으려고? 아니면 뭔가 마시려고?
아니! 작은 호랑이가 여기에서 놀려고!

Kitty’s run into the kitchen!
Did she come to eat? Did she come to drink?
No! The small tiger is going to play!

Note: Special thanks to my Korean instructor for marking my 한국어 errors in the 1st draft!  If you live in the SF Bay Area, San Jose Learning Center (SJLC) is a great place to study the language. My wife and I take evening classes there.

Overheard at the Beach

On a day more suitable for the beach than the office, here is another groaningly over-reached pun on the WordPress daily writing prompt …

“Dude, I think you missed your crest!
You should be up there with the rest.”

“But then I’m only following the wake.
Sh*t, I’d rather go for outside break.”

The Super Is a Pooper

For a little change of pace, this is not a response to the WordPress Daily Writing Prompt. Instead, it’s a response to this news item: Mystery pooper at N.J. high school’s track turned out to be superintendent

This stuff really happens. I just make poems about it. 😉

There’s something laying on the track,
A shiny little tube of black.
I’ve seen one like it every morn;
Wherefrom are these wonders born?

Do relay racers drop baton?
Is this a daily doggie bomb?

Who thinks our track’s an outdoor pooper?
I can’t believe it. It’s our Super!