Perfect (Seafood) Storm

I gorged on seafood feast beyond the norm,
And overstressed my buttons past the norm.
My stomach’s taken on a brand new form.
And down below? There brews a perfect storm!



텔레비전에 여자 (The Girl on TV)

여러분, 한국어를 공부하는 많이 재미있서 여기 한국어로 시가 있어요.
(Everyone, it is fun to study Korean, so here is a poem in Korean.)

텔레비전에 나오는 여자가 예쁘네요.
사랑할 때는 기쁘지만 혼자 있을 때는 슬퍼져요.
한 시간 동안 감정의 변화를 많이 겪어서 피곤해요.

The girl on TV is well-made and beautiful.
When in love, she is joyful. But when she is alone, she becomes sad.
Because of so many emotions in one hour, I am tired!


It’s often said the market learns,
And then, once schooled, it teaches.
And sometimes Mr Market burns
You straight between the breaches.

A goring by a running bull
Can’t be retirement’s goal.
Some hibernate through winter lull,
I think I’ll tuck-n-roll.

WordPress daily writing prompt (linked above).



Overheard at the Meat Market

“It makes my chitlins stir, we’re such an eyeful,
Like pigs packed tight in methane-clouded sty full.”

“Don’t give me all that tripe; No need to wallow.
Our flesh will soon give pleasure with a swallow.”

WordPress daily writing prompt (highlighted above).


Coffee Colonic

When my bowels are crimped in confusion of colic
I clear out the pipes with a coffee colonic.

The doo that’s congealed in a thick pasty stew
Loosens free in a geyser of frothy black brew.

After a cup o’ the joe in the pooper,
I’m ready to start out the day like a trooper.

Coffee enemas?